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Sustainability and Knowledge

Welcome to my two new websites - sustainabilityknowledge.com and kmknowledge.com, bringing you knowledge and insights into two important challenges facing individuals, organizations and society:

  • Sustainability - addressing climate change, depletion of natural resources, waste, pollution, increasing population etc. and how individuals, organizations and governments can develop sustainable strategies and practices.
  • Knowledge management - creating, managing and enhancing our knowledge to develop more competitive and sustainable economies, businesses and lifestyles.

Developing these new websites is a long-term 'retirement' project. The first phase of the updated KM website is now available (May 2011). Content that has not been updated is at the KM archive website. The panel on the right takes you into relevant sections of both websites.

I look forward to providing you with quality content on these two important topics over the coming months and years.

David Skyrme
Highclere, England

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KM Basics

New to knowledge management or just brushing up your KM knowledge?

Our new KM Basics section gives a general overview of knowledge management, including the business rationale, core concepts, KM evolution and a glossary

Is IT Delivering?

An article that assesses the contribution of information technology in KM programmes. One of several new articles published for the first time on this website.

See full list of articles

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Your KM Roadmap

Getting stuck into a knowledge management? Then this route map will help you succeed in your journey.

It covers the four main dimensions of KM - strategy/process, information/knowledge, human/organizational and technology - and takes you through various stages from the drivers, assessment, development, deployment and evaluation.

This section also covers ten key themes and personal, team and policy toolkits.

Latest Additions (March 2012)

Knowledge Reflections (opens in new tab/window) - a revitalization of David Skyrme's blog with archives 2003-8 (about 20 postings). Recent postings (2012):

Best Practice Still Not Shared - UK Minister asks why local authorities do not share best practice; we suggest some reasons why

Raspberry Pi in the Sky? - The new kit to help children learn the inside knowledge about computers

Some 2011 Additions

KM Case Studies - the first three case studies from our database of over 100

Teleworking - achieving the business benefits - flexible working comes of age (PDF format)

Tacit and Explicit knowledge? - a spectrum of different knowledge types

Meaningful measures - developing measurement systems for KM

KM Courses - links to some degree and masters level KM courses

Making the Case for Knowledge Management: As Simple as ABC? - ways to justify investment in KM (PDF format)

KM maturity - where are you on the KM maturity curve


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