Capitalizing on Knowledge
Capitalizing on Knowledge:
From e-business to k-business

David J. Skyrme


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Chapter 3 Update

This update is a prelimary update, one year after publication. A fuller update will be added shortly.


Again, there have been changes of ownership and name. For example Teltech (page 80) is now part of Software house Sopheon. Names like Excite and Go (page 77) are disappearing, though continues to grow. Communities (page 83) thrive, with most remaining with the 'free access' model. In the 'fee' and 'free' domain, companies continue to shift from one model to the other. and Britannica both now charge for premium content, while some magainze now put current editions on the net for free. The consensus emerging is that people will pay for good content, but not a lot. Thus, hybrid models, where some content is given free, while other is for fee-paying customers, are likely to emerge as common models (this is the approach used on the Knowledge Connections website).

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