Capitalizing on Knowledge
Capitalizing on Knowledge:
From e-business to k-business

David J. Skyrme


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Book Updates

This website provides updates and feedback opportunities for readers of Capitalizing on Knowledge, researched and written by David Skyrme and published in 2001 by Butterworth-Heinemann. It has been described by Lefi Edvinnson as "a most impressive coverage, with illustrative and practical references, on an emerging very important value space - creating and growth of knowledge business..."

Latest News

During the past year, there has been continuing turmoil on the companies, affecting quite a few of those featured, especially in the area of B2B exchanges and knowledge markets. For example, in early 2002, you would see this message on the MightyWords website: "We regret to inform you that MightyWords has ceased operations effective January 12, 2002. We greatly appreciate your business and would like to thank you for supporting MightyWords". And they will probably not be the last! As was noted in the introduction, this is inevitable. What readers must concentrate on are the underlying principles which the book clearly sets out. We shall shortly be giving an update on any significant developments that have taken place in the intervening period.

To read the updates, click on the links to the relevant chapter number on the blue grey menu bar on the left - if you hover over the link you will see the chapter title.

About The Updates

The updates are provided chapter-by-chapter and are designed to be read in conjunction with the book. As noted in the Introduction of the book, many dot.coms will come and go - and the year since publication has seen significant changes. This first edition of the updates just gives a few highlights. Additionally commentray will folow shortly. Irrespective of the turmoil in dot.coms, we remain confident about the future of selling knowledge over the Internet. The key concepts and guidelines described in the book are as valid today as when it was when written. Perhaps the failure of so many initiatives is that those involved put optimism ahead of the pragmatic approaches that are described in the book!

Even if you do not want to create a k-business (selling knowledge over the Internet), several chapters stand-alone as good guidance for those invovled in KM, Internet and intranet (portal) initiatives.

Note. Page numbers in the Updates refer to pages in the book.

Your Feedback

These Web pages are designed to open up a channel of communication between you the reader and me the author. Simply send your questions and emails to me using the appropriate hypertext links on each update page. These inputs will be summarized from time to time, and selected feedback published in full or in part. If you do not wish your feedback to be made public or attributed, then please state clearly at the start of your email. At this stage it is not intended to offer an interactive discussion list, although that might be considered if there was sufficient interest.

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