The Globalisation and Virtualisation of Knowledge

David J. Skyrme

Gyosei Journal, Vol 1, No. 3, pp. 71-86 (December 1997)

New: Retrospective 2011 - how most things have panned out as predicted


Knowledge, as a strategic business focus, has become a hot topic. After several years of groundbreaking articles, publications and pilot projects, the years 1995-6 saw a surge in interest among business managers. This is reflected in the number of conferences and new management books and articles devoted to some aspect of knowledge management. The same period has also seen a phenomenal uptake of the Internet by the business community, representing an increasing virtualisation of products and services. These apparently unrelated trends are both part of a growing globalisation of information and knowledge related activities.

This paper explores how these convergent trends - of globalisation, virtualisation and knowledge - are changing the shape of the environment within which we live and work. More subtly, these trends represent another convergence - that of Western and Japanese thinking about the future global economy.

Contents Outline

  • The momentum of knowledge management - development of interest in the topic
  • The role of knowledge - in products and processes
  • Knowledge management in practice - different types of initiative found in companies
  • Virtualisation - impact of IT; a framework for communications; virtual products, virtual communities and virtual corporations
  • Virtual knowledge opportunities - sourcing and delviering knowledge globally
  • Principles of Virtual Knowledge Processing - nine steps to better practice
  • Virtual Knowledge in Practice - case study: ETD (European Telework Development)
  • Conclusion - the role of the Internet.
  • Retrospective 2011 - a review of this article highlighting its continual relevance and what has changed or not changed in developments over the last decade or so.

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