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Welcome to the website which covers the topic of knowledge management (KM) for general managers and KM practitioners. Based on over three decades of managing knowledge and consulting on knowledge management, David Skyrme packages some of his extensive knowledge in a form that we hope you find useful.

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KM Basics

New to knowledge management or just brushing up your KM knowledge? Our new KM Basics section gives a general overview of knowledge management, including the business rationale, core concepts, KM evolution and a glossary

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Your KM Roadmap

Getting stuck into a knowledge management? Then this route map will help you succeed in your journey. It covers the four main dimensions of KM - strategy/process, information/knowledge, human/organizational and technology - and takes you through various stages from the drivers, assessment, development, deployment and evaluation.

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Ten Topical Themes

First developed in 2004, this slightly revised list with updated material covers ten important aspects of knowledge management that need to be addressed in any KM programme. The themes include a mixture of the human/social and technological, including smarter strategies, PKM (Personal Knowledge Management), collaborative technologies and meaningful measures.

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These briefings provide high level overviews of some of the main concepts and challenges in today's global networked economy. There are 30 briefings on our archive website. We are gradually updating them. To date, on this website are the networked organization, the virtual corporation and the learning organization.



A selection of articles, mostly with full text, written by David Skyrme over the last 20 years. Many are on knowledge management including more recent ones such as Valuing Knowledge: Is It Worth It? and Is IT Delivering? Other topics are also covered including flexible working / teleworking, and virtual organizations. Several are on this website for the first time.
See full list.



A selection of presentations given by David Skyrme to various audiences - at conferences, meetings of professional organizations etc. All contain images of Powerpoint slides, and several have an accompanying synopsis or paper. Topics include KM in practice, making the business case, the A-Z of KM technology. As well as KM there are also presentations on flexible and virtual working. Again, several have not previously been published.
See full list.

Last updated: 15th July 2015



The 7 Ages of IKM
article A review of the evolution of Information and Knowledge Management over the last two decades. Based on a presentation given on the 21st anniversary of the IKM networking group NetIKX. Download article (6 pages: PDF)



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Not sure where to start?

Work your way through our KM roadmap. audit Many organizations find that conducting a knowledge audit gives them the information they need to develop a KM Strategy.


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