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July/Sept 2003     Edition No. 75
a free monthly briefing on the knowledge agenda
No. 75

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About I3


Managing editor:
David J. Skyrme


Welcome to this final edition of I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News.

To celebrate the end of an era, we offer you 75 knowledge nuggets, one from each edition of this newsletter. We'd like to thank our readers for being part of our community over the last decade, and especially those of you who have shared your knowledge freely and contributed snippets and articles.

David Skyrme
Managing Editor

Footnote: Although No. 75 was the last in the regular series, we do still publish occassional I3 UPDATEs. This edition is followed by a Special Report on KM Europe 2003.

Main Feature

75 Knowledge Nuggets:
A Chronology of Insights

A knowledge nugget from each edition, completely different from the 50 Knowledge Nuggets that celebrated our 50th edition.

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Thought For The Month

"He took the discoveries of others and made sense of them."
Bill Bryson, lauding the achievements of French chemist Lavoisier in 'A Short History of Nearly Everything'.

Special Feature

Knowledge for What?:
A Personal Odyssey

David Skyrme explains why I3 UPDATE is comming to an end and what he plans to do next.

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Special Feature

The 'Ba' and Beyond!

Debra Amidon looks back over the evolution of ENTOVATION Network and announces some exciting plans for its future.

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Knowledge Digest: July/September 2003

A round-up of of recent developments.

Public Sector - Public Knowledge (New Report)

Farewell I3 UPDATE


A selection of some of the best forthcoming events

I3 Update / Entovation International News:
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75 Knowledge Nuggets

Evolving Innovation Infrastructures

Knowledge Reflections

Knowledge Globalization Isn't All Bad

Valuing Trust: Knowledge Leaders Air Their Views




50 Knowledge Nuggets

Are Your Best Practices Really The Best?

The 3Cs of Knowledge Sharing

Virtual teaming and virtual organizations: 25 principles of proven practice

Measurement myopia; those who measure and those who act

Portal power: gateways or trapdoors?

Creativity is not innovation

Virtual trust

Customers: a new twist on knowledge management

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