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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back to Basics

What use is a blog that has only two postings - both dated 2004? Not a lot, you say - and I agree.

One of my 2008 New Year resolutions was to blog more regularly, and here mid-February I am just starting to act on it. 2008 is also the year when I bring my website up to date, probably for the last time before full retirement. It's still a major resource for many KM practitioners and students around the world and has had several new items of content added over the last year - see What's New.

Right now I am semi-retired, mixing a (very) small amount of paid knowledge management consultancy with significant amounts of volunteering (e.g. I'm webmaster of and pursuing other interests (chess, astronomy, photography, rambling).

For posterity, the next two postings will be my first two blogs from 2004. They were written on the original blogger and I seem to have missed the easy migration path to the Google host.

Thought for today: "the value of knowledge lies in the mind of the recipient"