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For the first time many managers, especially in former public sector organizations or in technology focussed companies, are facing the challenges of having to market their products and services in the open marketplace. Although not a primary focus, David Skyrme's 20 years of marketing experience, many as a marketing manager, means that we are able to offer this workshop to complement our other presentations and workshops.

Why and Who

Marketing is the foundation of a good business. It is the anticipation and fulfilment of customers' needs taking account of an organization's core competencies. As customers become more demanding, their needs change, new technologies emerge and competition increases, many organizations find that they need to build or enhance their own marketing capability. This workshop takes professionals and managers, with little or no prior marketing knowledge through the basic principles, in a way that equips them to develop their own robust marketing plans.


On completing this workshop you will:

  • Have a basic grasp of fundamental marketing principles
  • Learn about the relationships between corporate strategic planning and marketing planning
  • Understand the specific features of business-to-business and services marketing
  • Have a framework for developing a strategic marketing plans
  • Gain insights into the fundamental components of the marketing mix
  • Have confidence to use some marketing tools and techniques
  • Have a skeleton marketing plan for your organization or unit
  • Be able to relate marketing principles to your specific area of responsibility

See also the list of wider benefits you can expect from attending this workshop.


Developed from material used in a university's Diploma in Management course this marketing workshop emphasizes the strategic nature of marketing and how to develop a marketing orientation and commitment within an organization. Marketing is more than just selling and promotion. It is about matching capabilities to customer needs. The practical aspects of marketing are based around the 3Cs (Customer, Company, Competition) and the 4Ps 'marketing mix' - Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Features designed to provide participants with a fast ramp-up of core marketing knowledge and skills include:

  • Based on participants' needs - specific variants of this workshop have been delivered to a pensions administration company, an information services unit, as well as in open workshops to participants from many industries and the public sector.
  • Flexible Format - based around core modules, with specific optional modules on marketing services, public sector etc.
  • Learning Cycles - theory, practice, review
  • Illustrative Case Studies - drawn from relevant industries
  • Practical exercises - individual and group
  • Flexible Timing - e.g. allowing time for developing individual/group plans, by having a series of half day workshops, rather than a 1-2 day course.
  • Workbook and Templates - a comprehensive workbook with copies of all slides, plus blank and sample templates for each phase of the planning and implementation process
  • Supplementary Material - a bibliography, marketing links, and a selection from the most relevant marketing books and articles


What is Marketing?
The Basics
The Marketing Commitment
Marketing Planning - 3Cs and 4 Ps
Marketing Services and Intangibles - special considerations
Who Markets and How? (exercise)

Know Your Customer
Who are the Customers - current/potential; internal/external?
Customer Needs - what do they buy and why?
Market Segmentation
Customer Segments - commonalities and differences (exercise)

Situation Analysis
The External Environment (PESTLE)
The Inner Environment (3Cs)
The Changing Nature of Competition
SWOT Analysis (exercise)

Developing the Product/Service Portfolio
Core and Enhanced Products
Tangibles and Intangibles
Product and Services Portfolio
Product Development Process
Product Opportunity Matrix (exercise)

Cost vs. Value
Alternative Pricing Models
Sources of Value
Developing a Pricing Strategy (exercise)

Marketing Life Cycle
AIDA - Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action
Marketing Media - PR, posters, open sessions etc.
Developing a Promotional Plan (exercise)

Sales and Channel Strategy (Place)
Who sells and how?
Direct vs. Indirect
Selling Intangibles
Winning Proposals
Negotiation techniques - creating win-wins
Client management
Developing a Sales Plan (exercise)

Developing and Monitoring a Cohesive Marketing Plan
The Marketing Audit
Criteria of a Good Plan
Market Intelligence and Research
Marketing Information Systems
The Marketing Mix
Resource Planning and Change Management
Performance Monitoring - market research, data collection, benchmarking
Developing an Outline Plan (exercise)

Further Information

This workshop is customized for each client and can be delivered in a variety of formats according to the needs of the client and prior knowledge of the participants. Individual modules can be delivered as part of a longer-term education or consulting programme. To discuss your specific requirements in further detail please contact our principal consultant David Skyrme. Email: david@skyrme.com. Tel: +44 1635 25 35 45.

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