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No. 42 July 2000





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Knowledge Digest

A round up of some recent developments

Community Intelligence Labs/Knowledge Ecology University

Registration is now open for our first-ever, 10-month training program for certifying Knowledge Ecologists, offered in collaboration with George Mason University's Program for Social and Organizational Learning, MG Taylor Corporation, and Knowing Journal. The program will start September 2000 and end June 2001. Tuition fee is $8,500. Early bird registrants will receive a discount of $500.


In Action: Leading Knowledge Management and Learning

A new book by ASTD . Chapters from many well known leaders in the knowledge movement including ENTOVATION Colleagues Cindy Gordon, Ken Stanfield, Nick Bontis, Dave Snowden and Hubert Saint-Onge. Debra Amidon's contribution "Virtual CKO: Leading Through Strategic Conversations" was featured in I3 UPDATE / ENTOVATION International News No. 35.


"Zum Thema:" Nr.41

Die New Yorker Konferenz "Knowledge: Management, Measurement and Organization" vom 18. und 19. Mai 2000 hat ein Thema zur Sprache gebracht, das Beobachter, Theoretiker und Praktiker immer wieder in euphorische Zustaende versetzt, verwundert, veraergert oder neugierig macht.


The Infinite Spreadsheet

A novel patented method for valuation that combines the three traditional approaches of appraisal (market, income, and cost) into one unified method. It interprets price in terms of all the factors affecting the price to infinity in time. The developers claim that this software has predicted the US Savings and Loan Crisis and the Asia Financial Crisis.



11-12 Sept. Advanced Knowledge Solutions, London. Case Studies, Tools and techniques and a Masterclass on Intellectual Cpatial Management. David Skyrme is speaking on Knowledge Portals. ICM Conferences.
Tel: +1 20 7436 5735.

18-22 Sept. International Knowledge Management Master class, Utrecht. "Theories, methods, instruments and business cases that help you to become a successful knowledge management practitioner." Kenniscentrum CIBIT.
Email: smolenaar@cibit.nl (Simone Molenaar)

18-21 Sept. Competitive Knowledge 2000, Amsterdam. As its name implies it seems have competed in the exact same time slot with the previous entry! Ark Group.
Email: info@ark-group.com

16-17 Oct. Knowledge Management in the Drug Industry, London.SMI.

24-25 Oct. KM Forum 2000, Paris. Conference and Exhibition. GroupMM.

29 Oct - 1 Nov. The first Annual Summit on Women in Knowledge Management (WIKM), Tucson, Arizona. eKnowledgeCenter.

Contributions Welcome

Do you know of something new of interest to our readers - a book, web site, event, new product? If so, please contact me with summary details and a URL for further information.

David Skyrme (Email: david@skyrme.com

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