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The Journal of AGSI

Global Intelligence Networking:
Some Internet Intelligence Sources

David J. Skyrme

The following is the appendix from the article Global Intelligence Networking (31K), by David J. Skyrme, which appeared in The Journal of AGSI - The Association for Global Strategic Information (ISSN 0965 4380). Volume 4 - Issue 3, pp. 106-115 (November 1995). It is reproduced with permission of the publishers, Infonortics Limited. There is also a summary of this article. Dec 1999 - The URLs have been updated and commentary appended where significant changes have occurred.

So much is happening on the Internet, that any information provided here may well be out of date by the time you read this. However, it should give you a few starting points from which to develop your own "favourite places". References in brackets are URLs (uniform resource locators) which are access locations that your browser will need to find the required pages.


  • Yahoo ( is a hierarchically structured index with good sections on business, economics and government. The business section has over 33,000 places indexed, many of them names of companies.

More general information on business sites can be found in

News Services

Some of the more general daily news services that takes feeds from various wire services and categorise them are:

  • Clarinet (details on - news clippings are emailed to your Internet server in usenet form
  • First! ( - a Web version of Individual Inc! customised daily news service. You specify bookmarks for the topics of interest.

Both cover a wide range of business and industry specific topics. At the moment Individual gives you the headlines free, but charges a subscription to read the full text, while you pay a subscription for various clarinet services section (news, business etc.). With specialist companies coming on the net all the time, it is worth checking with your favourite newsletter provider about their Internet plans.

Government Information

The US government's sites are the most developed in terms of depth of information.

  • US Government - Dept of Commerce ( - incudes pointers to US census data, federal government information, information on patents and the very helpful CIA World Factbook (basic information on over 140 countries around the world). Old link removed
  • UK Government ( - less depth than the US, but includes department information, speeches by ministers, the UK budget and various official publications.
  • European Commission ( information on various EC programmes and links to many EC sources.
  • World Bank ( - information on projects in many countries throughout the world.

Search Engines

If your not sure where to start, type in keywords or natural language into one of the growing number of search engines.

  • Lycos ( - one of the more general ones that has been around for a while Old link removed
  • Nlightn ( - one of the newer commercial ones (you pay a fee for regular use) that allows natural language searches.

Update (1999)

The range of Internet resources has increased greatly since this article was written, although all but one of those mentioned are still going strong (though URLs have changed). There has been convergence of directories and search engines towards Internet portals. As well as Yahoo! and Lycos listed above, the other main portals (usually with regional variants as well) are Excite, AltaVista, Go (formerly Infoseek), AOL, MSN (Microsoft Network) and Netscape.

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